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ExELEct stands for experimental explosion lecture. During the ExELect demonstration we aim to make people aware of the dangers of working with flammable gases, liquids and solids. It’s an interactive training in which employees are made aware of what can happen in certain circumstances, to recognize hazardous situations, stimulating behaviour based safety. The risks are made visible, audible and sensible with the help of small scale controlled experiments, simulating a possible high risk situation.

ExElect is a scalable portfolio of demonstrations, carried out at any location with the proper facilities.

For who

  • People who work with chemicals, gases and other materials
  • Technicians, supervisors, engineers, quality managers or safety, health and environmental managers at manufacturing plants
  • Staff who formulate policy, implement plans or influence procedures that are part of an employee safety program

What you will experience

  • Physical explosions, chemical explosions, dust explosions
  • What happens when a pressurized liquid goes above its boiling point
  • How different kinds of vapours behave under different conditions
  • What an implosion looks like
  • And much more…