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ADINEX advice in explosion protection

Determination of dust explosion and gas explosion according to the recent standards. Professional Advice in the field of explosion safety and the ATEX guidelines

Research of explosion risks, risk analysis of existing and new installations. Assessment and research of the damage.

Organisation of trainings, workshops, seminars and Exelect demonstration on explosions, explosion characteristics, ignition sources, explosion protection and the ATEX guidelines.

Years of scientific and practical experience

Knowledge of the influence of process parameters on the explosion characteristics and risks is of crucial importance here.

Adinex NV is a spin-off company of the K.U.Leuven that is originated from the research Group industrial safety of the department of Mechanical Engineering. The close relationship with the laboratory of industrial safety, especially on the domain of gas explosions, makes that Adinex is able to follow the recent developments on theoretical and experimental research on explosions. Adinex NV uses these resources in order to reply to the questions of the industry more efficiently.

Adinex NV offers you a clear answer and a practical solution on your questions about explosion safety.